Maternity Shoot

One of my friends is hav­ing her first baby…and asked me to take some pic­tures of her baby bump.  I will only post one…but enjoyed tak­ing them and hav­ing fun with my camera. 

It’s official!

Don’t ask me to take your engage­ment pictures…I may be bad luck. LOL

Still love this pic­ture of the two of them even though it didn’t quite work out! :)

Ferguson’s photoshoot!


Photoshoot with Jeff and Brandi at The Shops of Highland Village.

Tak­ing pic­tures with the Hol­ley fam­ily is always so much fun, espe­cially the lit­tle guy. He is full of smiles!

Great Time with the Brown Family!

Nor­mally when I take pic­tures, I am asked to fig­ure out the per­fect spot, but not this time! Lori had all the spots mapped out and I really enjoyed tak­ing their pic­tures, plus I was intro­duced to new fun places to take pic­tures. My cam­era and I were not coop­er­at­ing with eachother though. I have been so used to tak­ing por­traits and haven’t played around with large groups too much…I have also found that I really need a new lens that I can do both! It is really aggra­vat­ing to have the per­fect spots and the instruc­tion and the pic­tures do not come out like I want…not even close! There are those spe­cial fam­ily moments that you want to cap­ture and either you or your cam­era can’t cap­ture them per­fectly. Here are a cou­ple of ones I like, but am going to have to get some peo­ple together and prac­tice more!! Lori — thanks for let­ting me prac­tice with your fun fam­ily and the next time you want pic­tures, any night or day they will be on me!!

Photography — Leah & Rob

We had fun tak­ing pic­tures at the Gaylord…

Tessa’s Graduation

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